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Myanmar Classic Tours

Just as its name, Classic Tour Programs, with these tour programs you will see Myanmar in a truly classical ways by visiting the magnificent places of Myanmar. If you are a true traveller, you will surely love to travel with this Classic Tour.
Myanmar, the culture rich country, by visiting with these tour packages, not only you will see the extraordinary places of Myanmar but also you will get a chance to see why Myanmar is called Culture rich country.
Tired of travelling? We have leisure tour programs which will leave you in true paradise, the picturesque places of our beautiful country. From beautiful beaches to hill top, you will find tremendous leisure programs here.
There is a saying that Myanmar celebrates a festival every month. Fortunately for tourists there are even more, spread across the whole country throughout the year. This affords visitors a wonderful opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the living culture of Myanmar.
Do not have a long period of time to travel around Myanmar? You still have chance to see our beautiful programs by visiting with these short trip programs. No matter how short you stay is, you can see how beautiful our country is.